Are you ready for more Chatbot changes?

As you may know there have been many changes to Messenger and Chatbot broadcasting. Messenger has announced more updates to the service, their objective simply to improve the user experience for people and help businesses drive more effective out comes on Messenger.

Messenger technology is steadily becoming a bigger part of our daily lives  – driven by the promise of intelligent round-the-clock digital support, more companies are using this technology to engage with clients alongside the now classic channels of phone, email and social media.

Before, we were able to send messages without restrictions to anyone who had interacted with Chatbot in the past 24 hours, and one other message after that 24-hour period.  This was known as the 24 + 1 rule.  Messenger has now scrapped the ‘+1’ aspect of the rule giving just 24 hours.

It is generally believed that Messenger removed this facility due to Chatbot services not receiving much use of the 24 + 1 follow-up rule. 

Sociatrend believe the solution is to switch over to sponsored messaging and hooking in a user with an engaging and action inspiring message.  Once your business has been interacted with you can message freely for 24 hours!  If they then interact in the 1 hour before the 24 hours is up, the time frame resets, and you are free to message again.  Tactics such as sequencing and smart delay enable you to get the most out of this crucial 24-hour period and ensure you can stay messaging users.   

To activate the 24 – hour standard messaging window is as follows:

  • User sends a message to the page
  • User clicks a call-to action button like ‘Get Started’ within a Messenger conversation
  • User clicks on a Click-to-Messenger ad and starts a conversation
  • User starts a conversation with a Page via a plugin, such as Send to Messenger plugin or the Checkbox plugin
  • User clicks on an link with a reference parameter on an existing thread
  • User posts or comments on a Page and is responded to via a Private Reply

Messaging via Subscription

One of the main areas that Facebook changed was the ability for businesses to use the ‘Non-Promotional-Susbscription’ tag, which initially changed from being under – News, Productivity and Personal Tracking.  Each of these message types had a number of different scenarios that pages could send non- promotional messages under.

Facebook’s latest round of adjustments to the rules has reduced this down to ‘News’ allowing only pages sending messages that inform about events such as sports, finance, business, weather, traffic, politics, government, religion etc.

It also appears that a lack of action on the part of the many Facebook pages is the reason for Messenger to U-turn this particular decision.  Had more people applied for and received page level permission then maybe this feature would have stayed.

Message Tags

Messenger offer a number of message tags that allow a business to contact their clients outside of the 24- hour window and have trimmed down the selection of tags to 4:

  • Confirmed Event Update
  • Post Purchase
  • Account Update
  • Human Agent

The idea is to consolidate and narrow the tag process.  Do note that 5 tags that did not make the cut at all – Feature Functionality Update, Community Alert, Game Event, Pairing Update and Non-Promotional Subscription.  All of the 12 have been streamlined under one of the 4 message tags.

For any messages that fall outside the new message tags , you will need to send a paid sponsored message.   Sponsored messages unlike the old broadcasting system can include promotional content.  This should raise conversion figures.


Messenger is a massively effective tool to be able to form relationships with your clients.  You can send them content, sell, automate and even provide client service.

Going forward you should consider it’s purpose as part of your wider marketing mix.  Make the initial point of contact using Messenger, segmenting down the audience by asking questions before finally requesting an alternative form of contact.  For example an email address or phone number which have less stringent rules about frequency of contact.

We recommend you constantly look at how to re-engage your audience with Messenger to re-initiate the 24 hour period of free contact.  Email or text a link to direct the user back into Messenger allowing you to broadcast to them once again.  In the long term this will streamline your Messenger marketing strategy, giving you the ability to tailor specific content to these targeted audiences.

 It can be assumed more updates are coming which could work in the sharp witted marketers favour.