Building a passionate crowd around your brand is a digital marketers dream. With event marketing you get to see that crowd, right there in front of you.

Ultra Music Festival

Channels: Facebook & Instagram Paid Ads. Instagram Growth. Affiliate Creation and Management. Influencer Sourcing & Management. 

Brief: Grow UK fan base of the successful Ultra brand and expand it into Croatia.


The Campaign

Ultra Europe is an outdoor electronic music festival that takes place in Split’s Mladeži park. Attracting some of the biggest EDM DJs from around the world, the festival has a multi-national and faithful following. They wanted to expand their UK presence and engaged Socialtrend to make this happen.

We used a careful blend of  paid ads and influencers that effectively increased their UK brand presence.

A key metric from this success was a 34% increase in Instagram followers and, importantly, an uptake in UK sales.

Ultimately, this is what we pride ourselves on.

Followers, likes, shares and other signs of social media marketing engagement are fantastic, but they don’t keep the lights on. Or in the case of Ultra Europe – the lights, sound systems and smoke cannons.

Success can really only be measured by sales and that is why so many brands choose to work with us. We don’t focus on superficial metrics, we focus on getting good sales leads for your business. Because the right leads are easier to nurture and convert into customers. 

And customers are what keep the lights on and the party going.

“Continuing to grow our event in the UK is of the upmost importance to us. Socialtrend has be an invaluable resource to connect with the UK events market and increase our footprint.”

Joe Bašić

CEO Ultra Europe

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