Exhibition Marketing

Manchester Art Fair

Channels: Facebook & Instagram Paid Ads

Brief: Increase ticket sales and attendees for the Manchester art fair exhibition.


The Campaign

Using complex audience generation and re-targeting we were able to successfully target the correct demographic for this niche, interested in art and able to purchase at the event.

The art fair had their highest turnout on record and highest amount of sales of artworks at the exhibition.

This work is a fantastic demonstration of how effective lead generation can be achieved in any niche and geography.

It is one thing to identify art lovers but to identify those who were in a position to purchase and to reach them with the right message at the right time? – Well that’s why we’re one of Manchester’s top marketing agencies.

The reason we are able to consistently succeed with briefs such as this is a combination of knowledge and data. Humans and technology. By recognising the strength of each, we are able to create and iterate campaigns that speak to an audience, how they want to be spoken to. The messaging is refined and analysed to produce an efficient and smooth funnel of leads.

Whether it’s an art fair, a conference, an exhibition or a festival. If you are trying to generate leads and bring people to where you are, then we’re the agency you’re looking for.

“Socialtrend were very good and helped us immensely with their knowledge of Facebook advertising platforms. Social Media Marketing is now a key part of our strategy going forward, these guys really know their stuff!”

Liam Whitehead

Marketing Communications

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