All marketers want to make a big impact with their marketing efforts and this includes those involved in video marketing. No one wants to create videos that don’t make an impact or even get an average number of views and engagement. You want them to achieve legendary status and go viral. The aim of video marketing is to get good sales leads and bring in customers at the end of the day, so the more traction you can get with them the better, as this will only increase these figures.

The last decade has seen hundreds of videos go viral, including some favourites such as ‘Chewbacca mom’, ‘Baby Shark’ and ‘Charlie bit my finger’. However, none of these gems actually market a service or product. When it comes to marketing for a brand, it’s not as simple as this. Even starting out, there is already a certain amount of stigma that comes with an advert. People don’t tend to actively choose to watch adverts, so you have to try and grab their attention instead. This being said, there are plenty of marketing videos out there that get loads of views but even more that don’t and in fact fail to get even the average number expected of them.

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top marketing agency in Manchester concentrating heavily on lead generation marketing and Facebook ads agency work worldwide. As part of what we do, we create highly successful video content for brands to use in their marketing campaigns. Let us share our wisdom with you and help you to make your marketing videos go viral by considering the facts.

Leave your promotion out of it

If you are looking to create a viral video, you need to pull in the reigns on advertising your product or service. Features, benefits, options, prices and promotions should be kept out of it and you should concentrate on raising brand awareness with your audience rather than going straight in with a hard sale.

Tell a story

Viral videos tell a story. If you think back to all the videos that have gone viral or even become infamous over the years, most of them are more like mini movies rather than the typical advertisement. Storytelling is a great way to engage with your audience and bring them onboard with your brand and messaging. People love a good story and in fact there is evidence to support that a person’s sensory cortex lights up when a story is being told.


Play with emotions

When telling a story, you want it to evoke an emotion from your viewers. A story is no good if people don’t care. They won’t watch the full video and will tune out if they don’t become emotionally invested in it. They might become happy, sad, motivated, frustrated, excited or something else entirely, it doesn’t really matter. If they can relate to it, it will leave its mark with them and will be a success. Take them on an emotional rollercoaster and get them sharing your content.

This being said, you obviously need to consider which emotions you want your video to evoke based on your brand. If you are a vibrant, exciting start-up, you probably don’t want to make people feel sad or despondent with your video content, you want to get them raring to go, to get their blood pumping.

Rock the boat

When approaching your video content with the intention of it becoming viral, try and think outside of the box. Whether you plan on using shock tactics or approach your videos light heartedly, you want them to do something different to all the bog-standard videos out there. Rock that boat! You want to be talked about and the more people that are talking, the more your brand gets noticed. Does it really matter that your reviews aren’t all positive? No, people are still talking aren’t they.


Back up your video with a killer strategy

You’ve thought outside the box, you’ve come up with your story and your video is good to go. You are sure people are going to get sharing and be talking about it for some time to come. What else is there?

If you want your video to take off, that is one thing, but don’t forget that the aim of the video is to market your brand, as well as a product, service or promotion, to as many people as possible. You’re going to have to work hard on the strategy behind the video, to make sure that this is not lost. There are many points to consider when it comes to this, including:

  • Make sure that everything is optimised so that it works for SEO
  • Upload your video to your landing page or blog page.
  • Use keywords in the URL, the meta-description and any copy
  • Share your landing page on social and engage with followers
  • Plan your posts carefully and set up paid ads
  • Seek the help of influencers to expand your audience base.
  • Contact media/publishing sites and post in forums
  • Track your audience and engagement

To conclude

The points discussed here will help you to approach your own viral video with the knowledge needed to not fail before you even begin. However, there is no guarantee that your video will in fact go viral, even if you do everything by the book, or not as the case is with viral video content! If there was a proved formula for producing epic video content that goes viral every time, then every marketer and their dog would be doing it. They would soon lose their wow factor.

This being said, don’t give up on video marketing just because viral content is hard to achieve and seems to be the exception rather than the rule. Your main focus should be on appealing to your audience and this can easily be done without viral video content. You want shares, likes and comments from the people who will actually be buying from you at the end of the day. Go out and get them!

Are you convinced that you want to go viral? Get in touch with us here at SocialTrend. We specialise in all things digital marketing in Manchester and beyond. Way, way beyond.