From a simple photo and video-oriented mobile application to the kingpin of content marketing and sales business in 2021, Instagram has come a long way. But driving traffic to your Instagram page needs skills and correct methodology.

Here is a simple guide on how to gain more Instagram followers in 2021.

1. SEO Optimization

The most basic rule of winning content games on any platform is Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Select your username wisely. Research says adding keywords to your name increases the chances of ranking higher in the search. Try using your name or your brand name as the name of your page, along with a target keyword.

Hashtags are Instagram’s keywords. Utilize this unique feature of Instagram to increase visibility. You may also look for tools where you can check the correct density of hashtags for your post.

2. Design your profile

Instagram is a world of aesthetics. A visually appealing Instagram page automatically attracts the audience. Have symmetry in your profile grid. Choose your colors wisely and style your theme. They should reflect your vibe. Design it in a way that conveys your brand’s core values and ideas.

Make maximum use of the technology to find the best editing methods to enhance your profile’s design. Some of them are Google’s Snapseed, Canvas, and  Adobe’s Lightroom.

 3. Be relatable

Captions are stories that reveal your personal or brand’s ideology. Add value to your words and weave them in a manner that is relatable and intrigues the viewer to know more about the page. Make a thread to hold them for longer, or maybe add questions that make them scratch their head. This way, you make space for yourself in the viewer’s head, and this is how, how he/she follows you to know the answers.

Do not forget to add keywords in the caption to come within the radar of Instagram’s algorithm.

4. Use all surfaces of Instagram

Instagram has now extended its number of surfaces to spread information. Photos, stories, IGTV, articles, live sessions, and the most recent reels. You see, Instagram offers a 30-second video to tell your story and woo the viewer. That’s the art of social media.

Embrace the platform and utilize the maximum number of surfaces to sell your content. This increases your reach to different kinds of followers because everyone has their favorite methods of consuming content.

5. Follow for follow & Tag for tag

Follow for follow is an age-old technique utilized by present stalwarts of Instagram. You identify your target audience, follow a bunch of them, and a portion of it will follow back. After a while, you unfollow them. There are chances they will also unfollow you, but the threat here is, not all, few stay, and that is what you have gained. Repeat the process and see the benefits.

Tagging people in their photos and videos offer a chance of recognition by the user’s audience. A mutual tag is a win-win situation for the taggers and the one who is being tagged.

6. Guest pooling

Reach out to people in your niche to boost your traffic and gain more followers. Cross audience approach always works. Collaborations and shout-outs for shout-outs are a trend nowadays which have been giving good results. Giveaways and promotions are other useful tactics to accomplish the task.

7. Talk to your audience

Reach out to people who need help in your niche, reply to DMs and comments, organize interactive live sessions. This boosts your engagement and maintains positive communication between you and your followers. Thus, enhancing your image value and number of followers.