Lead Generation

Great marketing is about building personal connections and trust. Well-executed influencer campaigns use trust to quickly build a deeper connection with your customers to get rapid results. 

Lead Generation for MLS Kitchen

Channels:  Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.

Brief: MLS Kitchens needed a campaign that delivered great sales and a wider brand reach. Influencer marketing seemed a great solution.

The Campaign

We created video content with celebrity Nikki Sanderson.

We filmed her managing her own kitchen makeover with our client and ran ad campaigns to generate leads.

With the ads building trust and understanding of the product, we used an AI chatbot to pre-qualify enquiries and gather contact details, giving a seamless conversion through to qualified leads and sales.

Campaigns such as this are a great example of how we can leverage genuine and reputable influencers in tandem with the latest in lead nurturing tools to deliver more leads through a quicker sales process.

People are more likely to believe a message from a complete stranger than they are from a brand. Which is why using an authentic and relevant influencer for your top of funnel activity will provide  you with leads who require less nurturing to convert.

Lead generation campaigns are an incredibly effective way of increasing brand awareness whilst simultaneously having an impact on your business where it matters most – more leads, more sales and more customers.

“Socialtrend have really helped us grow through the use of Digital Marketing. Generating sales and leads via Social Media is now our number one source of new business. “

Mike Sheffield

MLS Kitchens

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