Medical marketing mixes high-compliance marketing messaging with the need to remain warm, engaging and build trust. We create campaigns that deliver sales while maintaining ethical and brand standards.

Linia Cosmetic Surgery

Channels: Facebook & Instagram Paid Adsย 

Brief: To increase brand awareness and drive enquiries.

The Campaign

To achieve this we delivered an integrated campaign across multiple channels using content and influencers to build a strong brand connection, then a nurtured a simple conversion through an AI chatbot.

To maintain service in a complex medical environment, we merged AI bots with our community management team, working together to increase patient acquisition by 100%.

We managed and initiated the chats through targeted and iterative social media ads to qualify, then followed up messages to help move the patient from enquiry to consultation stage.

This mix of human and AI nurturing is a prime example of how we merge people and technology to deliver more leads and patients to our medical clients.ย 

This is only possible by identifying and targeting the right audiences with our social ads and then effectively analysing the data from them to keep iterating – defining the perfect mix of audience, creative, ad copy and type.

Our technological know how is one of the things that sets us apart as one of the top digital marketing agencies in Manchester. But it is how we marry these skills with the warmth and trust of human engagement that allows us to generate so many qualified leads for our medical clients.


“We generate the majority of all new patient enquiries through Social Media now, something we didn’t think was possible! We get a constant stream of new patient leads for Aesthetic Treatments and for Cosmetic Surgery with Facebook & Instagram which is invaluable, thanks Socialtrend!”

Dr Simon Zokaie

Medical Director - Linia Cosmetic Group

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