GB News.

Working with UK News pioneer GB News to increase viewers and build subscriber lists.

  • Channels: Nationbuilder, Mailchimp. Facebook and Instagram
  • Brief: To build the audience and database of subscribers to be able to effectively inform them on shows and ways to tune in.



Increased their Database by 25,000 people


Reached over 2.2 Million People


Worked on celebrity host Social accounts

Political News Marketing - GB News

Attracting viewers and listeners in the news industry requires a strong understanding of the views and interests of your ideal audience. Data gathering and ad targeting are key components of Socialtrend’s marketing strategy for political news and radio companies, helping to build credibility with potential listeners and grow sign-ups by the tens of thousands.

The Campaign

GB News offers expert and detailed info on current affairs, as well as debate material and invigorating conversations to listeners in the United Kingdom. With nearly a quarter of a million listeners tuning in to the People’s Channel weekly, GB News is popular and growing quickly.

Having only launched in 2021, GB News contracted Socialtrend to help grow their audience base and increase brand awareness.

From communicating with GB News’ in-house team for daily meetings to create up-to-date ads, to collecting data to understand new viewers, Socialtrend accelerated GB News’ growth with analytics and targeting. By working with celebrity host social media accounts, we helped reach target audiences with low spend and high conversion rate.

Curating viral videos with material from current affairs helped us to build excitement and attract new listeners who may not have heard of GB News otherwise. By building a complete start to finish data collection campaign we helped GB News understand their new audience better and optimise their marketing.

Our team worked hard to grow GB News’ audience by tens of thousands while keeping an efficient ad spend and high conversion rate. With email automation set up with Nation Builder and Mailchimp we were able to engage new sign ups and grow GB News’ active fan base.

Attract more listeners with effective news and radio marketing

Socialtrend combines creativity, analytics and action. Our team cares about building solid campaigns. From content creation to advertising and data management, Socialtrend can help your radio station or news provider attract thousands more fans and grow in popularity.

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