The General Election.

Working directly with Facebook’s in house government team we created and managed display ads targeted at likely voters across the UK.

  • Channels: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google
  • Brief: Influence Voter opinion in the UK General Election



Pioneering Content for the UK's first 'Social Media Election'


Managing ad spends upwards of £50,000 per day


Obtaining and managing new party voter and activist data

Political Marketing (General Election Campaign)

Political campaigns are time sensitive and have very little margin for error. The need to market across numerous channels, and accurately target, test and deliver is increasing every year. Socialtrend’s expert team is talented in building personal brands, using key messaging and influencing public opinion. Our campaigns deliver.

The Campaign

Dubbed the first “social media election” by the BBC, the 2019 U.K. General Election outcome depended on strong social media marketing and audience targeting. Socialtrend’s work with Facebook’s in-house government team centred on a leading edge approach to data. It allowed us to rapidly test and iterate campaigns, improving performance.

Our vital goal was to influence and change voter opinions among key audiences that could sway the outcome of the election. Targeting these people required extreme precision and behavioural analysis. Using voter intention data our team modelled voter audiences at scale, helping us to understand who we needed to reach with key messaging, and how.

We did this by designing and testing hundreds of display ads with varying formulas, messaging and targeting. Our team carefully designed graphics, videos and animations to catch the eyes of likely voters across the country. In total Socialtrend managed over a thousand ads concurrently for the election campaign, with a daily ad spend upwards of £50,000.

Engaging people who interacted with these ads was an even more delicate process. Our team created a variety of dynamic and optimised landing pages, achieving high conversion rates. By targeting specific landing pages to certain geographic areas of the U.K. and measuring key performance indicators, we improved personalisation and conversions, and kept costs down.

We used data collected from our ad campaigns and landing pages to compile various audience iterations based on behavioural information. Through multiple rounds of testing, we refined the creative materials we needed to engage potential voters and change their opinions.

Finally, our team integrated lead generation and email marketing software to find and acquire new activists for the campaign. With the data gleaned from advertising, landing pages and behavioural analysis we knew exactly what it would take to get enlistees excited, and win more votes.

Socialtrend’s close work with Facebook and Westminster produced a demonstrable change in voter opinions, helping win more votes for our client and influence the election outcome.

Enhance your political campaign with data science and marketing

Socialtrend combines creativity, analytics and action. Our team cares about building solid campaigns. From content creation to advertising and data management, Socialtrend can help you attract more supporters, strengthen your public image and boost your political campaign with a cost-effective and targeted approach.

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