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After the video of Kate tackling the ginormous Roast Dinner wrap hit the internet, it quickly went viral, wracking up over 2.7 million views on Facebook and LadBible.

  • Channels: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube
  • Brief: Arrange a PR stunt with an Influencer to go viral
  • Awards: The Drum Buzz Social Finalists



Best Viral Campaign - The Drum Buzz Social Finalists


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Restaurant Influencer Marketing with Kate Ovens

Influencer marketing is an extremely powerful tool for campaigns that need to reach a large audience. With the right enthusiasm, engagement and reach, an influencer campaign can start trends and establish your brand as an industry leader. Here’s how Socialtrend propelled the Roast Dinner Wrap into the food spotlight.

The Campaign

Like in the case of the #YorkyPud, influencer marketing can help prolong a campaign and direct it to a new audience. Socialtrend’s work with Kate Ovens helped the Yorkshire Pudding Wrap stay relevant for even longer and draw in younger social media clients. 

Kate Ovens, a marketing student and prolific eater, is no stranger to internet fame. From eating a gigantic tomahawk steak to polishing off a three foot hotdog, her eating challenges have attracted massive attention on YouTube and helped her accumulate tens of thousands of subscribers. 

Socialtrend chose Kate for The York Roast Co’s influencer campaign because of her larger than life personality and ideal online audience. Our team challenged Kate to travel to York, and attempt to conquer the Beast Wrap – ten times the size of the Yorkshire Pudding Wraps that had already taken the world by storm.

With the Stonegate store about to reopen and excitement for the Roast Dinner Wrap at an all-time high, our team set up to film Kate take on an absolute monster of a wrap. At twenty inches long, the wrap contained six stuffing balls, piles of veg and beef and half a pint of gravy. Even Kate, who had previously defeated a 35oz dish of fish and chips, admitted she was worried when the wrap was served to her! 

Shock factor is what our team was going for with the video, and shock factor is what we got, as petite Kate chowed down on the massive 5lb wrap, finishing it completely… in under 55 mins. Socialtrend’s team expertly filmed and managed the challenge throughout the event.

After the video of Kate tackling the massive YorkyPud wrap hit the internet, it quickly went viral, wracking up over 2.7 million views on Facebook. Even LadBible caught on and collaborated with Socialtrend’s marketers to push the video to an even wider audience. 

All in all, the campaign with Kate and her incredible challenge video took the internet by storm – catching the attention of millions of hungry food lovers and drawing a swathe of attention to The York Roast Co. By infusing the campaign with some extra fun and getting a passionate influencer involved, we set up the Stormgate store’s opening for a massive success.

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